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ERP solution for software developers  
and IT companies

“ With Akuiteo, manange your activity at the minute and to the nearest dollar! ”

“ Reconcile operational and financial management of your projects. ”

Our integrated management solution enables you to transform these challenges into genuine assets to boost your competitiveness and growth.


Our solution:

  • accurately measure the profitability of a maintenance contract
  • bill thousands of recurring contracts automatically (SaaS/ASP)
  • produce a complete period report two days after the closing date.


With ever stricter regulations, and pressure on pricing and sales cycles, businesses need to adopt a new set of rules, under which employees work more closely together and companies anticipate future financial and operational risks. You need reliable, real-time sales and business development information, as well as billing and projected cash position data.


Our management solution comes with a set of standard, unified indicator features, giving you the information you need to make the right decisions and adapt your structure to market conditions.

Combining your skills and master your projects

The software platform Akuiteo management enables a collaborative real-time processing of all your company's economic data.

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  • Who had the right stats for the next meeting?
  • Who will have the last word?
  • Do you enjoy spend your sunday updating your multitable tab?

Akuiteo centralizes all processes and all your company data in a single tool and becomes your one and indisputable reference, ensuring a perfect collaboration between all your services.

“ Understand the past, manage the present and anticipate the future, is the key to success! ”
Jean-Christophe Llinas - CEO of Akuiteo SAS

Complete features

Project-based management underpins everything your business does. It is also the guiding principle behind Akuiteo.


Management of initial orders and amendments, freedom billing (to advance, milestone, without control ...) and rigorous controls.


Planning graphic or workload, measures of the past, skills management, expense notes, absences ...


Management of initial orders and amendments, freedom billing (to advance, milestone, without control ...) and rigorous controls.


Partner management, network management professionals, followed by CRM and leads.

Accounting – Cut-off

Full accounting of French law. General, Auxiliary, analytical and budgetary. Management automated arrested.

Cash position

Monitoring the actual and forecast cash flow, customer reminders management, direct payment of subcontractors, multi-currency.

En option


Recurring billing, help desk, installed base management, SLA, GRT, GFRT – make sure you meet all your contractual obligations...


Storage and stock clearance by project, multiple storage units, stocktaking – because proper inventory management is critical to your service company.


Monitoring and planning of training courses and sessions. Management of trainees and trainers. Automatic consolidation of the Educational and Financial Assessment (TFA)...

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Open tech!

Akuiteo is an open system

Certain components of your information system are specific and must be interconnected with your ERP. It must communicate with your ecosystem. Through its N-tier architecture and SOA business server, Akuiteo facilitates all interconnections and therefore the urbanization of your information.