Editor and integrator of a software management platform in SaaS mode,

Akuiteo enables service companies organised by businesses to control and monitor their business profitability by aggregating all the data in one system.

Resolutely focused integrated management and technological innovation to serve the purpose, teams of Akuiteo gather experts in the fields of management, software engineering, methodology and processes.

Through its open architecture, Akuiteo facilitates interconnection and urbanisation of your information system through API standard or custom.

Akuiteo is certified BPI France Excellence.

“The human value, service excellence, rigour as a constant”

Customer Testimonials

Thanks to a recognised customer satisfaction, Akuiteo SAS now has many clients that we support sustainably.

Luc Romano

CEO of Jetpulp company, a web communication agency, testifies of his experience in the implementation of its management ERP Akuiteo, the management software for service companies organised by project. .

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Luc Romano - Président de la société Jetpulp

Laurent De Kimpe
Head of Administration and Finance, McKesson France

“As a developer of specialist solutions for the healthcare sector, we needed a high-performance solution capable of handling the specific requirements of our industry. With Akuiteo, we were able to harmonise the financial and operational management of our projects. What’s more, now that Akuiteo is fully integrated into our organisation, we can produce monthly reports just 2 days after the period closing date, with three different revenue recognition methods. Akuiteo also suggests new features and modules on a regular basis, helping us to expand our functional scope.”

Jacques Moulin
CEO, Heurtey Petrochem

“The main factor in our decision to choose Akuiteo was our need to harmonise the operational and financial management of our projects. We are now able to measure and monitor the progress of our R&D programs and international projects on a daily basis. With Akuiteo, we can consolidate key business management data in real time and adapt our structure to the demands placed on us as a listed company. Akuiteo also gives us a constant stream of new business features and functions, allowing us to streamline our internal processes and keep us on the right path toward our strategic goals.”

Jérôme Chastenet de Géry
Consultant, Schneider Electric Consulting

“With Akuiteo, we chose a fully integrated solution in which all employees play a role in detailed management of the company. The graphic schedule module – part of the standard Akuiteo product – means that we can monitor employee assignments closely and feed this information into current and projected workload plans. This gives us a clear idea of projected recruitment needs. The schedule is fully interfaced with our management system and automatically propagates results and remaining tasks. This, in turn, means we can manage our projects more effectively. The fact that the functional scope of Akuiteo continues to grow helps us to respond more quickly to our customers’ needs in the right way. “

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