Publisher and integrator of business management ERP in SaaS mode.

Akuiteo SAS was born out of a simple desire:

To conceive a management software for service companies structured by business, natively, in a dedicated and "vertical" way, from CRM to the smallest accounting entry.

Our main asset?

We are editor and integrator of our management ERP, guaranteeing you a quality deployment, tailor-made and adapted to your needs.

Resolutely turned towards integrated management and technological innovation at the service of uses, the Akuiteo SAS teams include experts in the fields of management, software engineering, methodology and processes.

With more than 28,000 users working for software publishers, design offices, engineering and consulting firms, as well as architecture agencies, the specificities of your business and your practices are known by our experts and "software" enrich our ERP over time, bringing improvements to the entire community.

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We are the n°1

The piloting and deployment of an ERP ;
Customer relations and satisfaction;
The software control by its consultants;
Taking into account and understanding customer constraints.

According to the ERP Survey 2017 conducted by CXP,
with more than 1000 subscribers.

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Akuiteo SAS is labeled and member of the BPI France Excellence network for the 3rd consecutive year..

Ranked among the Top 250 French software publishers for several years, Akuiteo SAS is ranked 125th in its category in 2018.

Akuiteo SAS in a few figures


of experience

28,000 users

100 Clients

150% growth
over the last 7 years

A Great Place To Work®certified company 

For several years, Akuiteo has chosen to follow a continuous improvement process for the well-being of its employees in the workplace. It is with this idea in mind that we joined the Great Place to Work program, in order to monitor and measure the well-being of everyone within the company. 

Questioned through a free and anonymous questionnaire, all Akuiteens expressed their attachment to the company, to its values, the elements to be improved and those they appreciate, in particular: 

  • the responsibilities granted to each one
  • the framework and the tools made available
  • mutual aid between colleagues 

Thus, Akuiteo is proud to join the Great Place to Work certified companies!

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Of course, there are still many areas for improvement and we are working on them daily. 

Best Workplaces France

Since its first participation, Akuiteo has been part of the list of "Best Workplaces" labeled companies.




Customer Testimonials

Thanks to a recognized customer satisfaction as a business software publisher, Akuiteo SAS now has many customers that we support on a long-term basis.

Laurent De Kimpe
Executive Vice President, McKesson France

« As a specialist in software publishing for the hospital sector, we needed a high-performance solution that takes into account all the specificities of our business. By choosing Akuiteo, we were first able to harmonize the financial and operational management of our projects. Beyond this invaluable advantage and thanks to a successful integration of Akuiteo within our organization, Akuiteo also allows us to carry out our monthly closures on D+2 according to 3 revenue recognition methods. Finally, Akuiteo regularly offers us new functionalities and modules extending our functional scope. »

Jacques Moulin
General Manager, Heurtey Petrochem

« Harmonizing the operational and financial management of our projects was the key factor that led us to choose Akuiteo. We measure and control the progress of our R&D programs and international projects on a daily basis. The use of Akuiteo facilitates the real-time consolidation of data essential to the management of our structure and its adaptation to the requirements of our stock market presence. The constant evolution of Akuiteo's business functionalities gives us the opportunity to optimize our internal processes and to reinforce the control of our strategic objectives. »

Jérôme Chastenet de Géry
Consultant, Schneider Electric Consulting

« By choosing Akuiteo, we have chosen an integrated whole where each employee participates in a more meticulous management of the company. The graphical planning module, included as standard with Akuiteo, allows us to scrupulously follow the assignments of our employees and thus to feed the actual and forecast workload plans. We thus gain visibility on projected hirings. Interfaced with our management, this planning automatically feeds the completed projects, the rest to be done for a better management of our projects. The constant optimization of Akuiteo's functional perimeter reinforces our reactivity and our relevance to our customers. »