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Experience: a management software for a software publisher

By Jean-Baptiste Sachot, 11:00 AM on September 1, 2020


Christophe Palfi, CEO of GISmartware, a company that publishes a software dedicated to geographic information systems, discusses his decision of using Akuiteo as the ERP for his company. Akuiteo's solutions are designed for network operators (water, lighting, telecoms, etc.) enabling them to inventory assets and perform all maintenance and operating acts. Discover his experience with this integrated management solution.

What are the organizational characteristics of your organization?

It is a relatively classic organization in software publishing:

  • an R&D team whose mission is to develop and manufacture the commercialized software,
  • a Sales teams with business engineers who manage the implementation of customer projects,
  • a support and hotline team that provides assistance to customers when they need additional information.

This organization therefore requires double management:

  • management of the profitability of software development and manufacturing,
  • and management of the profitability of the whole activity and services that lead to software installation.

Were the answers to your requests found natively by Akuiteo?

Yes, we wanted above all to find the most standardised management software possible because the more standardised it is, the more users share it and the more we will benefit from its evolutions. The old ERP already offered business management, it was essential to keep this functionality.

"The key factor was to find the right software for software publishers. This also means a solution that masters business management and software profitability."

Did Akuiteo's installation increase your customers' satisfaction?

Akuiteo ERP contributes very strongly to increasing and improving customer satisfaction, particularly thanks to the support function which makes it possible to report all tickets and software use accidents; thus we can issue an annual report on the subject, master information which is a key factor for success and a very strong guarantee of customer satisfaction.

What was your relationship with the Akuiteo team?

At the beginning of the project we met and exchanged on many in-depth questions. This is an essential phase during which the software parameters are defined. They are very good experts in business management and are able to really understand the issues.

How long did it take to implement the solution?

It only took three months between the signing and the implementation of the solution! It is a very short notice but was imperative because of the discontinuation of the ERP provided by our former shareholder.

What advice would you give to software publishers looking for an ERP software?

To search the market and different available solutions, to closely look at the Akuiteo solution that is able to meet our needs as a software publisher and that is easy to use.

What do you think is the main advantage of this solution?

The global integration is really an advantage for an SME because there is no need to buy different solutions to manage holidays, expense reports, invoices, orders and accounting. This was a very strong element in the decision to choose Akuiteo.

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