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The cheatsheet to help consultants' ERP software choice

By Jean-Baptiste Sachot, 11:00 AM on January 12, 2021

On the mission to help you make a choice for your ERP software, it is out of the question to come short of answers in front of your customer: you must know it on the tip of your fingers, or almost, even before the first appointment. This is why we help you, with  infographics, to better understand a project with software publishers: discover our new cheatsheet for consultants to help you choose an ERP sotfware!


Review of the software publishing market background

The publishing market has become vertical and hyperspecialised. Many publishers have acquired expertise in a field and are focusing on it to develop their revenue.

In the mean time, software interconnection capabilities have become crucial and publishers must bring value to them, which has led to the development of the API - Applications Programming Interface - economy.

Finally, the SaaS model is gradually leading publishers to change their business model: the entire company is impacted, from store to hotline. As they are more familiar with the advantages of such an option than anyone else, software vendors are generally looking for an ERP software in SaaS rather than on premise.

The particularities of the publishing profession

In the age of digital transformation, customers are constantly wondering about the software they use. Many of them are looking for tools that work as soon as you plug them in without having to arrange multiple settings - the so-called Plug and Play. For publishers, it's time to be there!

The challenges faced by software publishers and the need for an ERP software

A software publisher has to juggle many different jobs and business models: managing the company is a real challenge! As a good consultant helping to choose the ERP software, you must familiarise yourself with your customer's marketing method, the functioning of his support service, his support tickets, the deployment services he offers ...

There are also many data sources from publishers: customer base, CRM, hotline ... The question of data centralisation is crucial, both to have a clear view of the customer base and to measure profitability pe product. A good ERP software can help your customers in their strategic decisions!

If there is a need to keep in mind, it is the 360° customer vision: what turnover has enabled this customer? What were the benefits? Has he received our newsletter? Has he initiated any calls to the support service?

How to become a main actor

To distinguish yourself and carry out your mission successfully, you must master the new business models of publishers and all their administrative "diversity", but also the software production chain as a whole, from marketing to after-sales service.

And you will not be able to escape the vocabulary of software publishers: sprint, releases, modules, agility, scrum ... Don't forget to review it!

This consultant's cheatsheet helps you make a choice and gives you the basics to support a software publisher in their choice of an ERP software. Do you want to be sure that your mission is a success? Be generous and give a helping hand to your fellow professionals by sharing this infographics!

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