Manage all services, subscriptions and licenses with a centralized ERP solution designed for Independent Software Vendors.

The Akuiteo ERP solution can solve standard issues of all software publishers. By doing so, it becomes a daily management tool supporting all collaborators of your company. Built as a shared and centralized information system around your customers and projects, Akuiteo is a unique toolkit in which your data and processes can be stored safely.. 

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Expertise-oriented features designed for Independent Software Vendors

Akuiteo modules give you access to full management of your activities, providing all needed business, operational and financial information on a real-time basis.




Contracts and recurring billing
Support & Helpdesk
Team planification
Integrated tool for software development
Business and customer relationship management
Integrated accountancy
Integrated cash flow
And also…


Contracts and recurring billing module

The Akuiteo ERP solution enables you to directly manage supplier and customer orders, from quotation to invoice.

No matter what your billing plan (time-based, fall due, mission-based, etc.) you can now manage its recurrence and automate subscriptions and maintenance invoicing.


Module features:

Management of customer contracts;

✓ Formalisation of the billing rules (method of payment, periodicity, maturity or maturity, duration, period, anniversary date, tacit renewal, etc.);

✓ Client contract management,

✓ Billing rule standardization (method of payment, time, fall due, duration, etc.),

✓ Recurring billing on fixed-term contract incorporating fixed and variable aspects,

✓ Index-based revaluation (Syntec index),

✓ Contract versioning,

✓ First period pro-rata contract calculation ,

✓ Contract amendment (additional subscriptions, cancellation or modification of terms),

✓ Point of contact with customer equipment and software parks.


Support & Helpdesk module

Manage the whole activity of your support team: from ticket follow-up to spent time to process, easily assess the profitability of maintenance contracts.

Get a clear vision of the entire installed customer park.


Module features::

✓ Hotline and helpdesk follow-up,

✓ Tickets, tokens and cheque book management,

✓ GTI & GTR monitoring,

✓ Requests, interventions, work groups: customizable workflow, escalating, Service Level

✓ Agreement (SLA),

✓ Customer park management,

✓ Automated nurturing of customer park during sale of subscription or license,

✓ Customer web portal: extranet-based monitoring of entry and ticketing,

✓ Warranty monitoring and management of their financial impact,

✓ Version monitoring,

✓ Activity analysis per field, modules and features.


Schedules module

Plan and follow all your services: consulting, training, R&D… and improve your team monitoring with the planning module..


Module features:

✓ Full day and half-day planning,

✓ Date and time display,

✓ Real coworker planning or generic profile,

✓ planning options,

✓ Planning validation,

✓ Team planning visual display,

✓ Planned workload,

✓ Project’s Gantt chart,

✓ Occupancy rate of your team,

✓ Non-attendance preview (included in the Non-attendance module).


Agile Factory module

The Agile Factory module is designed for software developers. Integrated in your ERP solution, it enables your team to directly create and follow-up on sprints, manage bug fix requests allocated to them (ex: support ticket). You can easily follow-up the evolutions in your software and/or target development in Akuiteo.


Agile Factory module features:

✓ Define your evolution stages through “User Stories”,

✓ Segment all “User Stories” into unit development tasks,

✓ Assess each task to estimate your progress,

✓ Follow-up on task progress through a shared,

✓ Scrum table,

✓ Assign tasks to your teammates or let them choose their own,

✓ Directly click on a task to enter spent time,

✓ Follow-up on the Sprint progress and remaining workload,

✓ Manage support ticket sent to your team (beyond Sprint related ones),

✓ Follow-up development impact on your project budget on a real-time basis.


CRM module

Discover a CRM module fully integrated in your ERP solution: you can visually follow your opportunity portfolio.

Anticipate prospects or customers’ needs and improve your forecast.

Adjust business strategies according to previous closed projects..


Module features:

✓ Prospects/customers and their related contracts

✓ Opportunity entry and follow-up (including sourcing, advancement stage, amounts weighting…)

✓ Kanban preview of business activity

✓ All business and marketing event management

✓ Dedicated web portal for salespeople

✓ Advanced request system

✓ Marketing campaigns and targets

✓ Campaign dashboard. 


Accountancy module

Thanks to the accountancy module directly integrated in your ERP solution, benefit from an accountancy fulfilling VAT anti-fraud law (NF203 norm) to automate time-consuming tasks!

You can generate automatically journal entries, get revenue and fees recognition, help with statutory reports.


Module features::

✓ General, auxiliary, analytic and budgetary accountancy

✓ Accountancy closing management

✓ Products and fees linked to time

✓ 4 different revenue recognition methods (on completion, pro rata, actual or theoretical progress)

✓ Balance sheet, general ledger, analytical profit-and-loss account

✓ Research and entries

✓ Exercises

✓ Journals

✓ Chart of accounts

✓ Temporary or definitive automated carryforwards

✓ Automated and manual lettering options

✓ Strategic field 2

✓ Trade in services declaration

Linear or decreasing capital assets

✓ Financial overview dashboard.


Cash flow module

The integrated cash flow module enables you to automate dunning of customers, bank reconciliation, and lettering. Easily manage your needs thanks to the actual and forecasted cash flow dashboard.


Module features:

✓ Receipts and disbursement entries (for customers and suppliers)

✓ Recovery management and follow-up (gradual automated customer dunning)

✓ ETEBAC and SEPA direct debit and bank transfer

✓ Manual and automated recovery

✓ Check recovery

✓ Payable or receivable notes

✓ Customer and supplier aging schedule

✓ Actual and forecasted cash flow dashboards.



Other Akuiteo modules

Akuiteo offers a range of standard modules to help you manage your business more efficiently, such as:

Single and multi-customer management
Purchase and Sales channels
Coworker management
Planning, time spent, and leave management
Expense report management
Inventory management


Do not hesitate to reach out to learn more about them


Akuiteo is a modular structure, logical and relevant to fulfill your needs

CRM – Purchases & Sales – Resources & Planning – Accountancy & Cash flow – Contract – Billing & Subscriptions – Reporting
Time spent – Expense reports – Leave of absence – Continuous training – Inventory – Support – DMS – Customer portal

Choose a premium hosting plan for your ERP solution

The Akuiteo SaaS is designed to relieve companies from obligations linked to hosting management.
Your data is hosted in France, on a dedicated server application, and we provide you with a guarantee of availability and the highest security level on the following:

Availability rate of
On workdays from 9am to 6pm

Save frequency
Daily incremental saves 6 times a day
Thorough save once weekly

Save retention
6Q2H(1) for the server application
6Q4H2M(2) for the data base.

Réplication 30 km

DRP Option
(Disaster Recovery Plan)

RTO < 4h(3)
RPO < 1h(4)

Akuiteo relies on trust-worthy partners such as

(1) 6Q2H: 6 last daily incremental saves, 2 last complete weekly. (2) 6Q4H2M: 6 last daily incremental saves, 4 last complete weekly, and 2 last complete monthly. (3) Recovery Time Objective. (4) Recovery Point Objective.

Host your ERP solution on your servers

You already have a server and wish to host your ERP solution and data at home?
Choose the Rental offer or On Premise one from the Akuiteo range!

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