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Akuiteo is the software management platform for services companies:


Our clients are SME and Mid-Market Companies

Akuiteo is made for companies ranging from 40 to 10,000 people.

Integrated management

Our platform let you control all your business with 100% of commercial, operational and financial informations in real time and ensuring a complete traceability of data entered.

Your business specificities

Akuiteo is aimed specifically to service companies organized by project. Whether you're a software company, consulting firm or engineering company, architectural firm or consultancy company, our experts & consultants support you in implementing your Akuiteo platform.

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Is your business run on a project basis?
Then we’re here to help!

We specialize in developing and integrating service company management solutions for businesses with a project-based structure. We’ve been doing precisely this – and nothing else – for the last 20 years, so we know what we’re talking about.

Are you wasting money?
We can tell you where.

Akuiteo measures your margin and budget discrepancies at every stage of your projects, past, present and future. This gives you the information you need to react… quickly.

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Are you finding it hard to manage your employees?
We know how to help you.

Whether you employ 40 or 10,000 people, Akuiteo’s standard functions can help you meet your key employee management needs. With features such as workload plan, production capacity, occupancy rate, shared resource availability, skills and billable services, Akuiteo is the solution designed by people, to manage people.

Are you wasting time hunting for unbilled services?
We can find them for you.

Whether you bill at a daily rate, a set fee, by milestones, by progress, on a recurring basis or without an order, Akuiteo carefully monitors every billing due date and all time spent. Our ERP solution delivers real-time alerts, allowing you to issue your invoice at the earliest possible moment.

Are you using too many software tools?
We have the only one you need!

Akuiteo is a fully integrated, all-in-one management solution. You can manage every aspect of your business in one place.

Take 360-degree control of your business!

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Akuiteo is the ERP Software specifically designed for service companies