Control your fixed-price commitments and streamline your administrative tasks with a fully integrated ERP solution designed for audit and consulting firms


Akuiteo ERP is the standard answer to all the business issues of consulting companies, becoming the daily management tool of all the company's collaborators. Designed as a shared and centralized information system around your clients and your projects, Akuiteo is a unique repository where your processes and data are secured and reliable. 



Business functionalities designed for service companies

Akuiteo's different modules allow you to manage your business completely, providing you with all the commercial, operational and financial information you need in real time.


Management by business
CRM Module
Sales Module
Purchasing Module
Accounting module
Treasury Module
Schedule Module
Employee module
Time Spent, Expense reports, Absences module
And also...

Management by business

Whether for your customer projects, your internal projects or to structure your activities analytically: the Business Case is the centerpiece, the centralizer of your management system.


Discover a true 360° management of your company:

✓ Single-customer, multi-customer projects, billed customer different from the end customer;

✓ Internal business (overhead);

✓ Multi-axis analytical vertical: company, divisional grouping, division, facility/BU;

✓ Horizontal analytical multi-axes: market, 3 levels of families, department, activity, vintage ;

✓ Business life cycle and associated authorizations;

✓ Possible slicing/allocation on 5 levels with models;

✓ Multiple case managers and automatic dunning according to their roles;

✓ Initial, forecast and actual schedule;

✓ Case contacts;

✓ Case location;

✓ Multi-deal management documents;

✓ Numerous dashboards: profitability, margin at completion, remainder to do, operating account, P&L, ...

CRM Module

Discover a CRM fully integrated to your ERP: follow graphically your opportunities portfolio. 
Anticipate customer/prospect needs and improve your forecasting.
Adjust your sales strategies thanks to the history of projects already completed.


Module features:

✓ Prospects / customers and their contacts;

✓ Input and follow-up of opportunities (origin, progress, weighting of amounts...) ;

✓ Kanban vision of the commercial activity;

✓ Management of all sales and marketing events;

✓ Web portal dedicated to sales people;

✓ Advanced querier;

✓ Marketing campaigns and targets;

✓ Campaign dashboard.

Sales Module

Take advantage of a complete process from quotation to customer invoice. 
Do you operate in an international context? Akuiteo is fully multi-currency...

Features of the Sales module:

✓ Management of any type of invoicing (fee-based, fixed price, capped fee-based, training, material ...) ;

✓ Multidevise, automatic recovery of rates from the Bank of France ;

✓ Entry, revision and archiving of estimates ;

✓ Charges on estimates and automatic calculation of gross margin ;

✓ Weighting of forecasted sales;

✓ Identification of quotes awaiting customer signature;

✓ Entering, transforming a quote into an order;

✓ Deliveries;

✓ Billing tables;

✓ Invoices, Pro forma, Credit notes;

✓ Batch Billing;

✓ Bulk sending of invoices by email;

✓ Invoice template management;

✓ Automatic generation of accounting entries during invoice validation;

✓ Approvals module;

✓ Sold products catalog;

✓ Sold products pack;

✓ Pricing grid by product, by customer;

✓ Rate degression by quantity;

✓ Down payment management;

✓ Sales dashboard. 

Purchasing Module

Need to track your spending commitment?
From the quotation to the supplier invoice, anticipate your purchases and refine your project landing with all your projected costs.

Purchasing module features:

✓ Suppliers and their contacts;

✓ Entering, reviewing and archiving quotes;

✓ Input, transformation of a quotation into a purchase order;

✓ Receiving;

✓ Billing tables;

✓ Invoices, Credit notes;

✓ Approvals module;

✓ Purchased Product Catalog;

✓ Pricing grid by product, by supplier;

✓ Rate degression by quantity;

✓ Down payment management;

✓ Internal, intra-group, cross-organization subcontracting;

✓ Purchasing dashboard.

feature-img-comptabiliteAccounting module

Thanks to the Accounting module directly integrated in your ERP, take advantage of an accounting system that respects the VAT anti-fraud law (NF203 standard) and automate tedious tasks!
Automatic generation of entries, recognition of sales and expenses, assistance with legal declarations...

Accounting module features:

✓ General, auxiliary, analytical and budgetary accounting;

✓ Management of accounting closures;

✓ Attachment of income and expenses to the period ;

✓ 4 methods of recognizing sales (completion, pro rata, actual and theoretical progress);

✓ Balance sheet, general ledger, analytical income statement;

✓ Entry and search of entries;

✓ Exercises;

✓ Journals;

✓ Chart of accounts;

✓ Automated temporary and final A-news;

✓ Manual and automated lettering;

✓ DAS2;

✓ Exchange of Service Statement (EOS);

✓ Declining and linear fixed assets;

✓ A-nouveaux temporaires et définitifs automatisés ;


✓ Lettrage manuel et automatique ;

✓ DAS2 ;

✓ Déclaration d'Echange de Services (DES) ;

✓ Immobilisations dégressives et linéaires ;

Treasury Module

The integrated Cash Flow module allows you to automate customer reminders, bank reconciliations and lettering. Easily measure your needs with the actual and forecasted cash flow dashboards.

Treasury module features:

✓ Entering cash receipts and disbursements (customer and supplier);

✓ Collection management and follow-up (graduated and automated customer reminder) ;

✓ ETEBAC and SEPA transfers and direct debits;

✓ Manual and automatic bank reconciliation;

✓ Check remittance;

✓ Bills payable/receivable;

✓ Customer and vendor aged balance;

✓ Actual and forecasted cash flow dashboards. 


Schedule Module

Plan and follow all your services: consulting, training, R&D... and optimize the management of your company with the planning of your teams. 

Module features:

✓ Planning in days or fractions of a day;

✓ Time-stamped planning;

✓ Scheduling on real employee or on generic profile;

✓ Schedule validation;

✓ Graphical view of your teams' schedule;

✓ Workload plan;

✓ Gantt chart of your project;

✓ Team occupancy rate;

✓ Absence visualization (with the "Absences" module).


Employee module

Value your employees' time to the nearest euro! Each minute is valued with a cost stored from date to date and historically recorded.


Features module:

✓ Collaborator record;

✓ Organizational data: company, division grouping, division, establishment/BU, Department ;

✓ Employee situation history: CJM, direct/standard hourly cost, daily sales price, salary;

✓ Primary skill, secondary skills (validity date, degrees, levels...);

✓ User rights profile management (over 2,600 unit rights);

✓ Partitioning by company, division grouping, division, institution/BU, work group ;

✓ Management of events related to employees (medical visits, individual interviews...).

feature-img-temps passe
Time spent module

Follow and analyze the activity of your collaborators by business whether it is in hours, days or amounts.

Features of the Time Spent module:

✓ Time spent entry in hours-minutes, hours-centimes or days (choice by collaborator);

✓ Control and validation of time spent;

✓ Authorize/Block overactivity;

✓ Dedicated employee web portal;

✓ Web portal dedicated to managers;

✓ Delegation of time entry, control and validation;

✓ My favorite past times (Quick entry);

✓ Dashboards: analysis of past times.


Expense report module

The charging of expenses by your employees is often a time-consuming exercise... But that was before!

Features of the Expense Report module:

✓ Expense report entry and validation;

✓ Mileage allowance management;

✓ Global or per employee tax powers;

✓ Tolls;

✓ Reimbursement cap;

✓ Double VAT on meals;

✓ Guest reporting for meals;

✓ Photo taking of receipt (Mobile App.).


Absences Module

Dematerialize your absence request flow! The unavailability of the employee is instantly visible on the graphic planning.

Features of the Absences module:

✓ Absence request entry and validation;

✓ Validation delegation;

✓ Graphical preview of the schedule before acceptance of absences ;

✓ Management of counters by type of absence (CP, RTT...) ;

✓ Update of absence nature counters by import;

✓ Visualization of the unavailability of the employee in the graphic planning.


The other Akuiteo modules

Akuiteo offers you a set of modules for the daily management of your company:


Recurring Invoicing Module

Support & Hotline Module

Catchmail* module

Stock Module ;

Document Management Module ;

Reporting Module ;


Without forgetting the Mobile Application, specially designed for your consultants on the road! 


*Converse with your ERP by simply sending an email. 


Akuiteo is a modular structure, logical and relevant to fulfill your needs

CRM – Purchases & Sales – Resources & Planning – Accountancy & Cash flow – Contract – Billing & Subscriptions – Reporting
Time spent – Expense reports – Leave of absence – Continuous training – Inventory – Support – DMS – Customer portal

Choose a premium hosting plan for your ERP solution

The Akuiteo SaaS is designed to relieve companies from obligations linked to hosting management.
Your data is hosted in France, on a dedicated server application, and we provide you with a guarantee of availability and the highest security level on the following:

Availability rate of
On workdays from 9am to 6pm

Save frequency
Daily incremental saves 6 times a day
Thorough save once weekly

Save retention
6Q2H(1) for the server application
6Q4H2M(2) for the data base.

Réplication 30 km

DRP Option
(Disaster Recovery Plan)

RTO < 4h(3)
RPO < 1h(4)

Akuiteo relies on trust-worthy partners such as

(1) 6Q2H: 6 last daily incremental saves, 2 last complete weekly. (2) 6Q4H2M: 6 last daily incremental saves, 4 last complete weekly, and 2 last complete monthly. (3) Recovery Time Objective. (4) Recovery Point Objective.

Host your ERP solution on your servers

You already have a server and wish to host your ERP solution and data at home?
Choose the Rental offer or On Premise one from the Akuiteo range!

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