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Choosing an ERP software as a publisher: download our functional grid!

By Jean-Baptiste Sachot, 11:00 AM on December 7, 2020


To choose the ERP software that will best suit a software publisher, it is impossible to skip the step of creating a functional grid. Only then will you be able to know if a particular solution is appropriate, and estimate a functional coverage rate to ease your decision. To simplify the task, we offer you a functional grid designed specifically for software publishers and their challenges!

The challenges faced by software publishers

Above all, this functional grid must be in line with the challenges of the company in search of the ideal ERP software. Software publishers have their own challenges:

  • to optimize business management, a real challenge given the complexity of the business (SaaS, services, support...),
  • to centralize information, in order to have a detailed view of the customer base,
  • to measure profitability by product, and have a management software that eases strategic decision-making.

Our functional grid takes into account the specificities of software publishers, as well as the context in which they evolve, the particularities of the business ... These are characteristics that you can find in our consultant guide to help you choose your ERP software.

Functional grid for software editors: specificities

To meet such challenges, our functional grid includes criteria that all - or almost all - software publishers have in common.

  • Specificities linked to the business and its needs: CRM, time recording, recurring invoicing, hotline, reporting...
  • Specificities linked to the management software: an ERP software can be sold in SaaS or on premise, which necessarily influences the choice of the solution.
  • Specificities related to support and hotline: what are the expected functionalities regarding ticket creation, bug reporting, or intervention requests?
  • Specificities related to research and development: can R&D activity be identified, measured, and managed? Publishers need visibility!

To summarize, this functional grid adapted to software publishers offers you practical support that will simplify your approach and the choice of your ideal ERP software.

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