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The checklist to know if you need to change your ERP software!

By Jean-Baptiste Sachot, 11:00 AM on November 2, 2020


Are you wondering whether you should change your ERP software, to make your users' daily lives easier and more efficient? This is natural, a management software is not eternal. To help you know whether or not you should change ERP software once and for all, we have prepared a checklist for you!

Why considering a change of ERP software?

The reasons for your questioning can be diverse: problems with time recording after having tried everything to help your employees, complaints from many employees, missing data ... But try to determine what made you consider it. Have you given full importance to continuous training, the key to rollout an ERP software?

Unless you simply want to turn to a more modern tool, hoping soon to be able to benefit from artificial intelligence to optimize everyone's working time? If you have to look in the future, be careful not to rush into it if the current machine is effective.

Why hesitate to change your ERP software?

Whatever the origin of the questions, do not forget that your management controller cannot do without them, and that your SA team also needs them and these are only examples: the ERP is one of the pillars of your company. For the latter to be effective, it is therefore essential that each user benefit from it and work under the best conditions. Salespeople, consultants, at the office or remotely, everyone must find value in it!

Naturally, deploying a new tool also means searching, communicating, exchanging and then leading change, with a real impact on the entire company at all levels. But when the ultimate goal is to save time as much as efficiency, it is better to see the long-term benefits. And when your management tool no longer serves your business as well as it should, it's time to turn a new page: you're losing a lot.

You will find all the indicators to be monitored in our checklist. Download it to find out if you definitely need to change ERP software!



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