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The advantages of internal management software for accountants

By Jean-Baptiste Sachot, 10:30 AM on March 15, 2022


Are you considering deploying internal management software for your accounting firm? If your management tools are outdated, no doubt about it: it's a good idea! However, implementing a new solution means overturning an existing organization and everyone's schedules in order to embark on an ambitious project. And you also have to get everyone, employees and partners alike, on board for the adventure. So you may hesitate before rethinking the internal management of your accounting firm... but we can help you decide!

Signals to watch out for in your accounting firm

First of all, is it really relevant for your firm to embark on such a project? To quickly answer this question, take a look at your organization: if you detect any of the following signals, you need a new internal management tool!

Outdated software that is not adapted to your profession as a public accountant

You have many tools, which work but are not all interfaced. This means that your employees must multiply the number of entries and spend a certain amount of time on them. In addition, you use Excel files... and you see more and more the limits of this whole range of tools: data to be re-entered, lack of collaboration, risk of data loss, slow loading...

Perhaps you already have an internal management tool: a tool that dates back to the 90's, that is not very scalable, that has evolved little. Perhaps it is even a solution developed internally by your engineer. In any case, if it's a generalist tool that can't adapt to your various business processes and has trouble keeping up with your growth... That's a signal that you need to change!

Overloaded employees and accumulating errors

Your employees are wasting time on tasks with little added value, from time entry to scheduling to expense reports. They regularly work remotely, and this complicates internal management, which is not well adapted to travel. So inevitably, errors appear, which requires monitoring and correction. If your tools lack flexibility, they may not help your teams to solve these problems...

Similarly, data processing can be time-consuming, and even simple tasks can be time-consuming. Without the right tools, counting time off or issuing invoices can quickly become a chore! And depending on the diversity of the missions you sell (fixed price, services, management...), which require a precise follow-up, the risks of error can be numerous... and lead to important consequences.

Costs that explode

These different signals can also have a real impact on your costs: they can be poorly controlled, or even soar and cause dry losses. This can be due to small errors that multiply, or to the costs associated with maintaining your software - or a single old-fashioned internal management tool.

The health check

Are all these signals part of the daily life of your accounting firm? Then it's time to really question the relevance of your solutions. And this, even if you are used to your tools, which were perhaps the best on the market at the time.

Since then, tools designed for accounting firms have been created! They are designed to evolve along with your business, with continuous developments and incremental improvements. So why continue with your old-fashioned machine that is doing you harm? If you've noticed these signals in your practice, then you need to ask yourself a new question: what solutions are available to you? What are the characteristics of an ERP adapted to public accounting? What qualities should you look for?

  • Modernity: it is better to have a tool with the latest technical innovations.

  • Flexibility: your tool must be able to evolve to remain adapted to your practice!

  • Reliability: no question of having a software that may not turn on...

  • Availability: a solution that is accessible everywhere, all the time, thanks to SaaS, with possible maintenance at any time (especially during the tax period), is a plus!

  • Security: your tool must be able to secure your sensitive data and manage the heterogeneity of your tools - all the more so if your teams can use their own tools for professional purposes, according to the BYOD approach.

  • Management: the solution must understand all aspects of your business and improve your business processes.

  • Communication: the right internal management tool can help you streamline your organization's practices, enabling employees to communicate better - between each other, between subsidiaries or even between locations.

  • Uniqueness: a single software package that brings together all the features essential to the smooth running of your accounting firm, usable by employees (for entering their assignments), by managers (for monitoring assignments), by sales staff (for prospecting and managing contracts), by administrative staff (for invoicing and HR management), by partners...

In short, you need to look for a tool designed for the business processes of accounting firms, capable of meeting all your expectations!

The advantages of an internal management software dedicated to accounting firms

1 - A global management of your accounting firm

By bringing together all the rules, programs and business processes of your firm, an internal management tool can guarantee more efficient management of your activities.

This represents the opportunity to unify your internal processes, automate certain tasks to save time, manage the production rate from a single tool...

In addition, you can benefit from better human resources management, with a skills management module and document management functionalities (EDM). There is nothing like centralizing knowledge and methods to better integrate newcomers!

2 - A better experience for your employees

An internal management software adapted to their job guarantees them a certain amount of time savings. With an internal module, they can enter their expense reports, make their leave requests, and transmit their reports easily, without having to multiply all the documents!

No more crazy time spent on Excel and unsuitable files: the matter is settled in a few clicks. And this, with a collaborative tool, accessible everywhere, all the time!

3 - A simplified daily life for administrative teams

Your administrative department must have access to all the data entered by your teams. If this is the case, the risk of error is reduced! And with the right tool, billing can be automated for each type of service. No one can forget to account for a day's work! The follow-up is also optimized, in consumption as well as in progress.

4 - Long-term health

Beyond what the solution can bring you directly, think also in the long term: a management software can bring you a global vision of your activity, of your expenses, and of your needs over a long period. With a predictive monitoring of the planning of missions, associate the right number of collaborators and estimate the workload of each new contract signed - and those that will arrive. At the same time, a SaaS solution will help you avoid high maintenance costs!

A scalable internal management solution will be able to support the development and growth of your accounting firm. On the other hand, you will not have to modify your administrative resources! It is the guarantee to be able to move forward serenely, with a maximum of security and comfort on a daily basis.


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