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The 3 pitfalls of ERP staff training

By Jean-Baptiste Sachot, 11:00 AM on November 30, 2017

formation erp collaborateursYour company has just rolled out a new ERP solution. Future users have taken part in a few hours of training and they have all the information they could ever need. Job done! You can relax now—or can you? Three problems could rear their ugly heads, making it tricky to use your new tool and throwing your company’s operations off kilter.

1/ ERP staff training for new users

Your ERP training period is done and dusted. But what are you going to do with any new arrivals? Especially those who aren’t so tech-savvy? Because there’s no roadmap, the users training the new ones will be more likely to pass on bad habits, sloppy practices and best guesses to them.

Careless mistakes creep in and small errors pile up as you train each new arrival. The training that someone receives two years after the ERP roll-out could then be completely different from the initial training you provided.

2/ Dangerous shortcuts

Even when users have received in-depth, easy-to-follow training, over time, they’re bound to take shortcuts to try to get around processes that they think made more sense in theory than in practice, or to skip a step here or there because they don’t understand it or don’t know how to go about it now.

No one is there to answer their questions. All they have is a bulky manual that they’ve left to rot in a drawer or buried somewhere on their computer. The result? They end up using the tool and training others to do so in a way that bears no resemblance to their initial training.

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3/ Ever-changing needs

A company is a living being: its processes, working habits and software use change over time. So, any training given five years after you roll out your ERP solution has to be different: it should be tailored to the changes in your company’s operations and software development, without falling into the trap of infinite specific developments.

Rolling out a brand-new ERP solution without regularly checking that users aren’t adopting bad habits is a bit like driving around town when you’ve only had one lesson on parking. You’ll get stuck in first gear. Or worse: you’ll hit a wall. How can you stop this happening? By putting on refresher sessions! Over to you. Have you noticed any slip-ups in how your company is using its management software?

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