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Top 5 signs that it’s time to change your ERP solution

By Jean-Baptiste Sachot, 12:25 AM on May 25, 2017
ERP solution signs time to change

Do you have an ERP solution? Like any piece of software, ERP has its limits. How do you know if your chosen solution has passed its “use-by date”? Here are the top 5 signs that it’s time to change your ERP software!

1/ My dentist has the same ERP solution

In the 2000s, everyone was in the same boat: ERP solutions were one-size-fits-all affairs that didn’t meet the specific needs of the professions that used them. Today, if a company in a sector completely unrelated to yours uses the same software, that is a clear sign that you have chosen the wrong solution. Modern ERP solutions that best meet user needs are vertical: from the first line of code to the last, they are designed to match your sector or your profession’s needs. What is in it for you? Greater efficiency every day with a solution specifically designed to suit your business concerns – not your neighbour’s!

2/ I can’t access my ERP solution away from the office

Imagine you’re at a hotel after a successful meeting with a client. The client has asked you for an estimate. Can you work from your room using your top-notch ERP solution? Can you file your expenses on the train on your way home? No? If you can’t use your ERP solution remotely, then you should think about replacing it. But remote use alone is not enough. Imagine you’re at a business lunch and you haven’t had time to take a detailed look at your last customer order. A quick glance at an ERP app on your smartphone or tablet would get you up to speed before your meeting. So, you should be able to use your ERP solution on any device.

3/ My solution ERP is a nightmare to use

There’s no denying it, ERP solutions have long been tricky to use. Cast an objective eye over your solution: does it look more like Ceefax or an AS/400 program than an iPhone app? If so, your ERP solution is probably outdated and not fit for today’s world. Your staff will get up to speed quicker with a user-friendly, intuitive piece of software with a stripped-down interface. And that means significant productivity gains for your company.

4/ My ERP solution is stuck in a time warp

Do you have trouble remembering the last time your ERP solution had an update? Over the last few years, has it had any new features that you can think of? Does anyone even know the hotline number anymore? Congratulations, you are the not-so-happy owner of an ERP solution that’s frozen in time. Today, an ERP solution must be agile, updateable, available as SaaS (Software as a Service) and full web. It should therefore undergo regular updates to tighten security and quickly integrate the latest technology, without you having to run sporadic, time-consuming updates on your machines. After all, we are all driven to constantly innovate, so why shouldn’t we expect the same from our tools?

5/ My ERP solution is a joke

This is perhaps the clearest sign that your ERP solution needs bringing up to date. Have you heard colleagues laughing about it? Do people make jokes in meetings about how slow it is, how many times you have to re-enter data or how clunky it is to use? Do some people sigh (and suffer) when they have to use it? Obviously, your team has fallen out of love with the tool. And if you don’t act now, it won’t be long before they abandon it completely.

So, after reading that top 5, do you think that your ERP solution is a bit long in the tooth? Now is the time to find a replacement. Over to you: what do you think about your company’s ERP solution? What signs are you looking out for? Feel free to add your own thoughts in the comments section!

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