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Software Publishers - How to Provide a Quality After-Sales Service

By Jean-Christophe LLINAS - CEO Akuiteo SAS


As with all companies, a software publisher needs to provide a quality after-sales service.

Why? Because the two biggest factors in creating client loyalty are the quality of products and services sold and the client support provided.

Therefore, you need it to maintain your existing client base and you also need it to get those clients to assist you in winning new clients. A happy client will be your best ambassador.


The Agility of a Business is Down to its ERP Software

ERP systems give great structure to a business, but they used to have a reputation for being inflexible and even old-fashioned. But that was then... and this is now. The latest generations of integrated management solutions are designed for digital and bring agility to the whole business. We'll tell you how.


Resist the temptation of the specific development in the ERP

Your business is unique, as is its organisation. So you think that it's impossible to function without a custom ERP system. Don't be so sure. Let us explain why you should avoid specific developments.


Billing Methods in Service Companies

The choice of billing methods in service companies are strategic because the repercussions of that choice are many and varied. However, it is often dictated by clients or even by custom and practice in the market. Here's a little guide to the advantages and disadvantages of the different billing methods to help you take back control.


The Role of Professional Technical Consultants in your ERP Project

You want to adapt your business to the economic context and commit yourself to the digital transformation that everybody's talking about at the moment. Amongst other things, this transformation involves choosing to deploy a new management platform, or ERP, at the centre of your information system. As part of this process, you are the project owner and your future partner is the project manager.


What is the Management of Change in an ERP Project?

The implementation of an ERP system creates such disruption in a business that the success of the project depends largely on its acceptance by staff. For this reason, it's best to start the management of change in an ERP project before you've even selected the software package, and to continue after it's been put into production.


Project-Managed Company, the Real Nitty-Gritty!

Companies that produce goods or services in project mode are known as "project-managed". Each of these business deals comes with a set of technical, staffing and legal commitments linked to a project with a (more or less) defined duration.


Excel in financial management - a love-hate relationship

You probably know that Excel is the world's most popular calculation software. However, does that necessarily mean that it should be the basis of financial management in a business? It's not an open and shut case, particularly because it's seen as not being sufficiently specialised for some aspects and may risk damaging the company in the long term. 


Salespeople and Consultants - a Love-Hate Relationship

There often appear to be tensions between these two services.

Your consultants ask you what on earth the salesperson has sold this time and how they're going to manage to stay within the budget! The salesperson doesn't understand what the project team is moaning about while he's working his socks off to get the contracts in!

Obviously, the company needs all its human resources to succeed. These two services are at worst doomed to work together and at best to enrich each other.


Issues of Revenue Recognition Method for Services Companies

The service sector is the one that is most affected by the differences between production and invoicing. Although the manufacturing of goods involves a more direct link, a more immediate and concrete correlation between production and invoicing, the service sector requires more complex financial management. Some work phases resulting in the production of a service do not give rise to production that is immediate or directly quantifiable.

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