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Interview: the new cybersecurity threats companies have to face

Before becoming a cybersecurity consultant at Provadys, Tristan Pinceaux was a systems administrator at the ISC-PIF research institute in Paris and at Orange. He then became an analyst specialising in threat intelligence and incident response for the cybersecurity team at Airbus Defence and Space. Tristan spoke to Akuiteo about the latest cybersecurity concerns for companies.


Fostering collaboration between finance and business teams

Here’s something you already know: your company’s finance team relies on operations, and operations often needs finance’s help. That’s why it's so important that the various teams within a company communicate as openly as possible. An improved setup and standardised tools are essential for closer collaboration – and that’s a huge challenge. So, how do you take it up?


Integrated management: is it the right choice?

Adopting integrated management involves managing the entire company, from operational performances to financial management, using the same software. The latter ensures uniformity and centralisation of information shared across departments.


Has your service company adopted collaborative management at 100%?

Collaborative management in a service company goes beyond the completion of the project itself. It affects the organisation of the structure. Collaboration must be universal, from the layout of the premises, to the method of production, even the economic management of projects. Here are the three stages of developing the ‘collaborative mode’.

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