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Tableau Software: drill down facilitated by data visualization

Having data is good. But understanding, analyzing and using them is even better. Hence the interest of Drill Down, a technique which consists in exploring its data in depth, and of Tableau Software, a tool that allows you to visualize them in a graphic way. Let’s review the possibilities it offers, and the benefit that you can find in coupling it with an ERP!


Business Intelligence: the Akuiteo solution is evolving!

An ERP gathers all the management data of a company. Except that if it does not include any analysis tool, the data is considered as lost. Until now, Akuiteo was equipped with the BIRT tool, a reporting solution that produced static dashboards. The problem was that customers had no control and had to apply for each report. That was before. Akuiteo is now equipped with a Business Intelligence tool! Are you ready to create dynamic and scalable reports over time?


PoC and why you need them to pick the right ERP solution

When choosing an ERP solution, there comes a time to see if the software meets your requirements. And to do this you need a proof of concept, or PoC. Send your shortlisted vendors/integration specialists a test scenario and let them show you what their tools can do. You want proof, not just promises.


How to tell your staff about a new ERP solution in 5 steps

A new ERP solution is a big change for any company. It affects in-house procedures and every member of staff. No one really likes change – and rightly so. With any change, there’s a lot to learn, a lot to get used to and inevitable stress. So, when you get a new ERP solution, you have to banish any fears your staff may have. Here are 5 tips to make sure your new software package gets a warm welcome.


My life as a developer at Akuiteo

Picture a typical developer: the bearded grump who works by the light of a computer screen. But you won't find that stereotype at many companies – and certainly not at Akuiteo. Being a “dev” is a demanding and structured job that relies on teamwork. Read on to find out about the ins and outs of a developer’s world. It's really not as strange as it seems!


ERP solution rollout: the game as an infographic!

Once you have chosen your ERP solution and signed a contract with a software publisher/integration specialist, you have to crack on with the rollout. And it’s no mean feat! That’s why we’ve devised this little game to take you through the process. Complete the steps to set up your management software, calmly and confidently.


Interview: the new cybersecurity threats companies have to face

Before becoming a cybersecurity consultant at Provadys, Tristan Pinceaux was a systems administrator at the ISC-PIF research institute in Paris and at Orange. He then became an analyst specialising in threat intelligence and incident response for the cybersecurity team at Airbus Defence and Space. Tristan spoke to Akuiteo about the latest cybersecurity concerns for companies.


Support: the key to a successful ERP rollout

Founded in 1997, AREP is a subsidiary of the French national rail operator SNCF. This multidisciplinary construction and urban-planning consultancy employs nearly 900 members of staff and combines skills in architecture, engineering, urban planning and design. Damien Saillant, Tools and Methods Manager from the company’s Finance Department, looks back at the support his company received when it rolled out a new ERP solution.

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