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ERP solution rollout: the game as an infographic!

By Julien Costerg, 2:00 PM on March 13, 2018

erp solution rollout the game infographic

Once you have chosen your ERP solution and signed a contract with a software publisher/integration specialist, you have to crack on with the rollout. And it’s no mean feat! That’s why we’ve devised this little game to take you through the process. Complete the steps to set up your management software, calmly and confidently.




1) Scoping study and data extraction

First of all, you have to make sure that the tool is tailored to how your company operates. To do this, surround yourself with key users and together decide which settings you want. At the same time, start extracting your data. Doing this now will save you so much time when you transfer the data to your new ERP solution. The aim is to pool, sort and clean up the data.

2) ERP installation and configuration

Your software publisher or integration consultant then installs the software. If you’ve gone for SaaS, you’ll get access to an online platform. Set up the software yourself so that you can work independently in the future. The scoping study will help you work out which of the tool’s features are right for your team.

3) Data transfer

This is undoubtedly the most critical step. There may be plenty of (nasty) surprises and you may have a lot of work to do. Data transfer involves checking the data so you can be sure that you haven’t forgotten anything. Next up is acceptance testing, during which you can check that your ERP solution can deal with all likely scenarios.

4) User training

ERP solution rollout doesn’t end with data transfer! If you want to go live stress-free, you have to train your in-house managers – and they’ll then train the users in taster sessions and hands-on workshops.

5) Go-live date

Your new tool is up and running and your team is ready to get down to work. And you can rest easy because your software publisher/integration consultant is here to help: answering questions, identifying any settings that need tweaking and breaking down any resistance to change.

Well done! You’ve just successfully rolled out your ERP solution. You shouldn’t need this infographic for a few years unless your software starts to show any of these five signs of weakness or the costs of running your solution go through the roof. But that’s an other story.

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