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Tableau Software: drill down facilitated by data visualization

By Julien Costerg, 3:44 PM on October 10, 2022


Having data is good. But understanding, analyzing and using them is even better. Hence the interest of Drill Down, a technique which consists in exploring its data in depth, and of Tableau Software, a tool that allows you to visualize them in a graphic way. Let’s review the possibilities it offers, and the benefit that you can find in coupling it with an ERP!

Drill down: what is it?

If we stop at the literal translation, to drill down means first of all "to perform a drilling". If we apply it to the field of business intelligence, on the other hand, it indicates the possibility of digging into a piece of data.

This means breaking down data in depth to understand the ins and outs in order to make the right strategic decisions. All the players in a company can therefore be interested in this extremely detailed analysis, from the financial expert to the marketing specialist, via the purchasing manager.

Any budget manager who uses a management dashboard finds in this type of analysis a source of explanations, and therefore of financial optimization.


Tableau Software: the add-on to analyze your data in detail

Do we really need to introduce you to Tableau? Testers of data visualization tools have recognized it as the market leader, and from this year, we have integrated it to our ERP!

This data visualization tool visually renders data already present in Akuiteo. It formats your data to make it easier to read: using graphs, bars, diagrams... It also allows you to cross-reference different data to create pivot tables.

Once the data visualization is created, Tableau Software allows you to share them with all those who need to consult and analyze them.


3 strong points of Tableau
  • Ease of use
  • User-friendly, intuitive data construction
  • Autofill option and help on syntax
  • Ease of use

Drill down with Tableau: how does it work?

To filter the data, Tableau Software offers two options, to meet two objectives.

Via tooltips

In addition to the automatic tooltips, which are present by default to provide information on the chart, it is possible to define custom tooltips: for example, to cross-reference data with data from another table and get more details on a specific data item!

In other words, the tooltips allow you to add details without disturbing the first reading, the additional information being visible only by passing the mouse over it.

Via dashboards

The other option is to put sheets on the same table by adding filters to have a more detailed view on a type of data. The advantage of this option is its visual aspect: the data is iimmediately visible!

Why pair Tableau with an ERP like Akuiteo?

An ERP stores a large amount of data... so much so that it is difficult to analyze it. With the Tableau tool, it is possible to obtain a more detailed view on a given period, with a fine visualization of what we are looking for.

The information then becomes easier to read and use: the strong points and areas for improvement are visible at a glance!

Data visualization with Tableau also allows you to aggregate data and focus on certain areas. This is useful when you can isolate certain analytical axes by grouping several sheets and tables.

This add-on allows you to analyze your data and make informed strategic decisions. In short, it's a great decision-making tool!

Connectors to plug into a wide range of toolsOn Tableau, the connection to data remains flexible. Different connectors allow you to connect to third party tools such as Excel, Salesforce or SAP, to cross all your data in one place.

You can also analyze Akuiteo data (orders, quotes, etc.) and cross them with other tools (budget forecast, for example) to have a more readable sales / budget forecast view.


To help you see more clearly the data you have accumulated, we have chosen the Tableau Software tool. It allows you to use the drill down technique directly in your ERP, to understand and analyze your data in detail. A real plus to make decisions faster and better!

Find out how to use Tableau in Akuiteo


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