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Business Intelligence: the Akuiteo solution is evolving!

By Julien Costerg, 11:57 AM on August 29, 2022

L'ERP Akuiteo s'équipe d'un outil de Business Intelligence

An ERP gathers all the management data of a company. Except that if it does not include any analysis tool, the data is considered as lost. Until now, Akuiteo was equipped with the BIRT tool, a reporting solution that produced static dashboards. The problem was that customers had no control and had to apply for each report. That was before. Akuiteo is now equipped with a Business Intelligence tool! Are you ready to create dynamic and scalable reports over time?

What is the "Tableau" Business Intelligence solution?

A Business Intelligence software (BI) is an application designed to retrieve, analyze, transform and report data for Business Intelligence. Since January 2022, Akuiteo is a partner of Tableau, which offers a data-driven BI solution.

Examples of reports created with Tableau

 Super Store Regional Dashboard Expenses Audit KPI Dashboard

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Tableau is an American company, acquired by Salesforce in 2019. It is one of the most robust solutions on the market. With its flexible reporting tool, it is able to render a lot of data at once. By joining the ranks of Salesforce, this tool has already proven itself and its reputation is no longer to be proven!

Business Intelligence tool: why add it to an ERP?

Akuiteo has equipped itself with a BI tool to :

  • - propose a simple solution, which offers autonomy to its customers;
  • - bring a more modern graphical touch to the tool's interface;
  • - add a dynamic and easy-to-use reporting system.

With Tableau, Akuiteo's tool provides different levels of service as standard, namely the processing of data in the ERP and the provision of standard reporting for customers.


But that's not all…

The tool also meets the needs of customized reporting and analysis.

  • The data is made available in a Data Warehouse where it converges between the various tools: ERP, payroll and finance solutions, etc.

  • The data that comes out of the Data Warehouse can be understood and used by all users to create reports in total autonomy.

For example, it is possible to create prefabricated data libraries where users can sort by date, geographical data, amounts, etc.


A simple and complete solution to meet all needs

The Data Warehouse built by our teams allows to cross-reference data from the ERP so that they can be graphically displayed in the form of tables or graphs (bars, curves, pie charts, etc.), and thus facilitate the interpretation of these data by all.

Akuiteo ERP has an intermediate brick to connect it to the Data Warehouse: the ETL (Extract Transform Load). It is a solution that allows data to be transferred and then transformed or updated. Thus, the ERP data can be regularly extracted and adapted by the ETL to be used in the Data Warehouse, guaranteeing the timeliness of the information, on a monthly, weekly or daily basis, depending on the needs.

Are you a salesperson, controller or manager? With Tableau's business intelligence tool, you can make intelligent data accessible to all teams and thus increase the possibilities of analysis.Tableau is currently available in standard version for the CRM part and the Akuiteo Project planning tool. It will be progressively deployed on the other modules of the ERP.

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