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Rollout of the Akuiteo ERP software for a publisher-integrator

By Jean-Baptiste Sachot, 1:00 PM on July 16, 2019


Do you often hear people say that software companies are not up to date with their software? No, shoemakers children do not necessarily go barefoot. DIMO Software, a publisher-integrator of software dedicated to management, is seeking excellence. Discover how Akuiteo ERP software has saved a publisher-integrator time as well as strategic management.

Review of DIMO Software's background

DIMO Software, which publishes and integrates software dedicated to management, has more than 400 employees in France, Spain and Canada. Its tools are available through 6 business units, from financial and cash management processes to CMMS, tax returns and HR processes.

In such context, being attentive to the customer and designing reliable and adapted solutions require good management of the consultants' schedules and activities. This was no longer possible with the company's internal software. Hence, the need to opt for a specialized ERP appeared.

Improving efficiency by choosing a new ERP software

The choice of a new ERP to improve efficiency

Download this new DIMO Software case study to discover the feedback from Christophe Gard, Director of Consulting at DIMO Software. He mentions specifically:

  • the need to harmonise practices, challenges of the software publisher and the constraints set out in the specifications, up to the choice of the appropriate management software.
  • Rollout of the Akuiteo ERP software and change management: a consultant followed the DIMO Software teams for three years, several training sessions were set up. Relationship has played an important role in the choice and implementation of the ERP software.

What are the results? After a rigorous deployment and a smooth change management, the editor-integrator was able to gain visibility on their teams and better measure the activity of their employees.

Are you a publisher and would like to save time too? Harmonise practices and refine your management while equipping yourself with an evolutive tool? What if the Akuiteo ERP software was right for you? Download our DIMO Software case study to get full feedback!

Download the DIMO Software case study

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