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The user experience, the key to your ERP choice

By Jean-Baptiste Sachot, 11:50 AM on May 17, 2019

A few years ago, users of professional software were forced to adapt to the tools their company offered them. Today, things have changed: the tools are designed according to the user experience, or UX, which becomes one of the essential criteria for the success of an ERP project. We're taking stock of the situation!

New user expectations regarding UX

The user experience is how users of a tool - whether it is a web application, software or some other device - perceive and apprehend it.

The technological tools we use on a daily basis (our computer, for example) rely on the user experience to be more intuitive, ergonomic and didactic. All are the result of a reflection on UX, which consists in offering the most adapted experience possible to the target users - and not systematically of the simple and minimal! And the same is true in the professional world: users, used to taking into account their experience with their personal tools, must be able to regain the same level of quality and attention with their work tools. Tools that must meet these new expectations!

User experience, a major challenge for management software

A management software must be easily understood by all employees who will need to use it. It only makes sense if it is widely used on a daily basis and if it optimizes business processes.

In other words? Equipping yourself with a tool with a bad user experience means taking the risk that it will not be adopted, that its functionalities will be little or badly used, or that the learning curve will be much too long. In short, this could mean a lot of money spent on little. If the implementation of a new ERP requires training, full and appropriate use of the tool must be possible as soon as possible after deployment.

When it comes to choosing an ERP, asking yourself the question of UX is not an option, but an obligation. The purpose of professional software is to be of service to users!

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Experiences adapted to each user

Applied to ERP, UX goes beyond simple collective control. It is one thing for the tool to be used on a massive scale. But whether it is used by everyone in a relevant way, according to their specific needs, is another. The UX must not be adapted to all users blindly, but to each user profile, taking into account the needs of each one.

The challenge? The same tool must have distinct interfaces, which meet the needs of different types of users. A generic screen, used by everyone, must give way to a customized interface, designed for a specific category of users. On the publishers' side, this is a substantial work that may involve, for example, design thinking workshops with the users themselves!

The equation is simple: for your employees to take ownership of your management software, they must be able to benefit from an optimized user experience, adapted to their respective needs. For publishers like Akuiteo, this is a daily challenge that invites them to design ever more efficient tools. For your company, this is a criterion not to be ignored when choosing an ERP!
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