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Project management: questions to ask before buying your ERP software

As someone who works in a consultancy, a design or engineering company, or an architectural or software firm, projects management is an everyday concern for you. Your current software is hit and miss. You have management software, accounting software, an Excel file bursting with macros or even an aging ERP solution that brings them all together. In any case, you're starting to see cracks appearing. Perhaps it's time to invest in an integrated specialist management software for business management. Here are a few questions you should ask first.


Management software: what's in it for a professional services company?

Is your auditing or consulting firm thinking about rolling out management software? You're excited just thinking about it. In theory, it's a smart move: your management tools are seriously out of date and they don't work for you. However, ERP implementation involves shaking up your well-established setup, turning your schedules upside down (and inside out), investing in a long-term project and, last but not least, getting your staff on board. Work through the advantages and disadvantages to find out if your company could benefit from a specialized software.


My life as a developer at Akuiteo

Picture a typical developer: the bearded grump who works by the light of a computer screen. But you won't find that stereotype at many companies – and certainly not at Akuiteo. Being a “dev” is a demanding and structured job that relies on teamwork. Read on to find out about the ins and outs of a developer’s world. It's really not as strange as it seems!


Billing Methods in Service Companies

The choice of billing methods in service companies are strategic because the repercussions of that choice are many and varied. However, it is often dictated by clients or even by custom and practice in the market. Here's a little guide to the advantages and disadvantages of the different billing methods to help you take back control.

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