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Behind the ERP, a beehive: Akuiteo's New Commitment to Biodiversity

By Jérémie TEROL, 10:36 AM on October 8, 2019


To honor its collaborations and mark its commitment, Akuiteo has chosen to offer its customers the sponsorship of a beehive, in cooperation with the company Mon Miel. Our Customer Community Manager, Danaë Battistetti, offers users the opportunity to look after a colony of bees for a whole season - and, of course, to taste their delicious production. Explanations.

A meaningful commitment

As Akuiteo is committed to the preservation of biodiversity and ecosystems, the idea buzzed in Danaë's mind for a long time. "I was looking for an environmental and social initiative that could affect everyone, both management and users. So I thought of sponsoring beehives: this would also help us to raise awareness of the essential role of bees in biodiversity."

The project became a reality when she contacted the company Mon Miel, nestled in a preserved environment in the heart of Auvergne. There, passionate volunteers take care of a hundred hives. Without intermediaries, without product transformation, but in a short circuit in order to recreate the link between foragers and humans.


The honey truth: beehives in the colors of Akuiteo's customers

ruche-akuiteoAs soon as a new customer joins the family, Danaë takes charge, with Mon Miel, of creating a beehive. This one is built in Auvergne wood by an establishment and service of assistance through work (ESAT). Regular newsletters are then sent to the godparents, so that they can follow the health of the bees. And as they are super nice, they provide them with about ten pots of honey per year, to share with the collaborators!


In 2019, Akuiteo has already offered and supervised the sponsorship of 16 hives. At the same time, our teams want to consolidate the community of users and are working on the implementation of a social platform. The objective: to give everyone the opportunity to exchange around issues, needs and solutions, and easily find technical documentation. So, what are you waiting for to join our hive?

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