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Niji & Akuiteo : a productive partnership !

By Jean-Baptiste Sachot, 8:00 PM on April 19, 2022


After several unsuccessful tests of integrators, Akuiteo crosses the road of Niji. This company entirely dedicated to the digital transformation of companies chose to deploy our solution to manage its internal management, then wished to continue the adventure by becoming our first integrator. Today, we are convinced that Niji was the right task force to complete our project deployment teams. Let's take a look at a rewarding partnership!

Why Niji and not another one ?

Until now, our collaborations with other integrators had not extended beyond the short term on the operational level. But our partnership with Niji started under the best auspices! The company first decided to equip itself with our solution and, from the very beginning of the project, we had the chance to develop a relationship of trust with Isabelle Jeannin, the management and the project team.

However, the tipping point came during the production launch, as the customer relationship became stronger. The project team wanted to continue and capitalize on the know-how acquired during the deployment period.

"To make this partnership work, it was essential to think of the partner first rather than of ourselves": it is on this precious advice, whispered by Niji's General Manager, that we based our entire relationship with our Business Partner.

It's now been a year since our partnership with Niji was set up, and we have to admit that this collaboration is fruitful. The little extra? Niji uses the Akuiteo solution, which allows it to complement it.

The success of this partnership is partly due to the fact that we created envy by first generating business, and by collaborating on a first common project. Not surprisingly, the teams immediately wanted to repeat the experience!

What does the partnership with Niji consist of?

We collaborate with Niji on several business approaches.

  • Niji is a subcontractor for Akuiteo for studies, data recovery and configuration services - in full transparency with our customers.
  • Niji can be a consultant for customers who need an external view on their project or on other issues related to digital transformation - not always in connection with Akuiteo.
  • Niji can provide its collaborators to our customers to compensate for the absence of an Akuiteo functional administrator for example.

Thanks to Niji's support, our production capacity is now much higher: our ambition is therefore to find more important contracts and to develop our presence with mid-size companies.

Joint projects?

At the beginning of 2022, Niji created a business unit especially dedicated to Akuiteo with a hiring plan of 15 people. On Akuiteo's side, we are committed to support Niji's employees according to a certification plan. Thus, a mutualized sales team generates a volume of business to feed this partnership.

At present, we already have several beautiful projects completed together:

  1. 3 AMOA missions generated with, in particular, consulting companies of 1,300, 1,600 and 200 people;
  2. 10 opportunities in 2 months;
  3. 1 project managed in co-contracting for a publisher of 400 people.

A scalable internal management solution will be able to support the development and growth of your accounting firm. On the other hand, you will not have to modify your administrative resources! It is the guarantee to be able to move forward serenely, with a maximum of security and comfort on a daily basis.


Picture credit  : Designed by Freepik – Pch.vector

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