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Experience: a management software for a software publisher

Christophe Palfi, CEO of GISmartware, a company that publishes a software dedicated to geographic information systems, discusses his decision of using Akuiteo as the ERP for his company. Akuiteo's solutions are designed for network operators (water, lighting, telecoms, etc.) enabling them to inventory assets and perform all maintenance and operating acts. Discover his experience with this integrated management solution.


Software editors: the analytical axes of effective management

Are you floundering in your analytical monitoring? Do you feel that your data is not reliable enough? Perhaps you lack the necessary analytical skills. Maybe you were too presumptuous in the beginning, forcing your employees to get lost in endless amounts of data. Now your challenge is to find the right balance. And for that, you don't have to be a tightrope walker! Here are the most relevant analytical axes for effective management.


Project management: questions to ask before buying your ERP software

As someone who works in a consultancy, a design or engineering company, or an architectural or software firm, projects management is an everyday concern for you. Your current software is hit and miss. You have management software, accounting software, an Excel file bursting with macros or even an aging ERP solution that brings them all together. In any case, you're starting to see cracks appearing. Perhaps it's time to invest in an integrated specialist management software for business management. Here are a few questions you should ask first.


Management software: what's in it for a professional services company?

Is your auditing or consulting firm thinking about rolling out management software? You're excited just thinking about it. In theory, it's a smart move: your management tools are seriously out of date and they don't work for you. However, ERP implementation involves shaking up your well-established setup, turning your schedules upside down (and inside out), investing in a long-term project and, last but not least, getting your staff on board. Work through the advantages and disadvantages to find out if your company could benefit from a specialized software.


My life as a developer at Akuiteo

Picture a typical developer: the bearded grump who works by the light of a computer screen. But you won't find that stereotype at many companies – and certainly not at Akuiteo. Being a “dev” is a demanding and structured job that relies on teamwork. Read on to find out about the ins and outs of a developer’s world. It's really not as strange as it seems!


The digital transformation myth

Digital transformation has become a buzzword. “Company X has completed its digital transformation”, “service Y is undergoing a digital transformation” or “here are the latest trends in corporate digital transformation” – it’s everywhere. This revolutionary shift to a “digital first” approach seemingly came out of nowhere. But is it aptly named? Instead of transformation, shouldn’t we actually be talking about evolution?


Managing Stumbling Blocks of Users During the Implementation of an ERP

The adoption of a new, integrated ERP software package is a project that can give rise to multiple stumbling blocks for employees. This reluctance is caused by the human nature of different staff members who may be more or less difficult about being moved out of their comfort zone. Removing these stumbling blocks requires clear, positive and unfailing support from management.


3 keys to Good Staff Management in a Service Company

"I'm a CFO in a service company and sometimes, I have to say that I feel like I'm on my own!"

We sympathise with you, and even though we can't offer a miracle cure, here are some simple rules to follow. They come from work on the ground and are, therefore, pragmatic and can be applied rapidly.


CFO and CRM: a Marriage Made in Heaven?

CFO and CRM? Can't see what they've got to do with each other? It's easy: up until now, the CRM system has always been down to the sales and marketing departments. But that's all in the past! Here are three good reasons why you, as a CFO, should become a fan of CRM.


Software Publishers - How to Provide a Quality After-Sales Service

By Jean-Christophe LLINAS - CEO Akuiteo SAS


As with all companies, a software publisher needs to provide a quality after-sales service.

Why? Because the two biggest factors in creating client loyalty are the quality of products and services sold and the client support provided.

Therefore, you need it to maintain your existing client base and you also need it to get those clients to assist you in winning new clients. A happy client will be your best ambassador.

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